Metalwork - Exam Papers - Project - 1991

150 Marks


Details of a Model Two-Stroke Engine are shown on the accompanying drawings.

  1. Make the model using materials as specified in the parts list.
    The Crankshaft and Connecting Rod should be a different colour from that of the material for the back plate.
  2. Assembly details :
    Solder Part 4 to Part 2.
    Solder Part 11 to Part 2.
    Form Parts 10 and 11 to fit contour of Part 3 and 2 respectively.
    Use washers where necessary.
  3. Design a stand, or legs, which will support and display the model.
    The shape and form of the back plate may be altered to suit the designed stand or legs. The overall dimensions of the finished model must not exceed 70mm x 90mm x 200mm .

Parts List

Part No. Part Name Required Material and Description
1 Back Plate 1 Perspex
2 Cylinder 1 Brass or Copper
3 Cylinder Head 1 Brass or Copper
4 Transfer Port Cover 1 Brass or COpper
5 Piston 1 Aluminium
6 Con-Rod 1 Perspex
7 Crankshaft 1 Perspex
8 Handle 1 Perspex
9 Knob 1 Aluminium or Nylon
10 Head Bracket 1 Brass or Copper
11 Cylinder Bracket 1 Brass or Copper
12 Spacing Washer 3 Nylon
13 Locating Washer 1 Nylon

As Supplied

Part No. Part Name Required Material and Description
14 M3 x 12 Pan Head Set Screws 7 Brass or Steel
15 M3 x 25 Pan Head Set Screws 2 Brass or Steel
16 M3 Hex Nuts 9 Brass or Steel
17 M3 Washers 5 Brass or Steel

Design Element

Part No. Part Name Required Material and Description
18 Stand (Legs( 1 As Designed

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