About PracticalStudent.com

PracticalStudent.com was created by Eoin Mansfield and first appeared in 1999. Eoin Mansfield teaches Metalwork, Engineering, Technical Graphics and Drawing as well as Computers in Riversdale Community College in Blanchardstown, Co. Dublin. 

The original intention of the website was to provide another resource for students to find information relevant to their courses as there were only a small number of books available in Metalwork and Engineering.  As time progressed the website has expanded to cover more subjects and now provides a lot more than just Metalwork and Engineering information.

The current intention for the website is to provide a 'one stop shop' for students and teachers of the practical subjects.  Limitations arise in as Eoin is not a teacher of all practical subjects as so contributions are always welcome.

With the changes to what we all called the Technical Drawing course, now named Graphics In Design And Communication, (GDC), it was decided to redesign the whole website to reflect the moving times.  We will also be introducing a new section on Solidworks in the near future where hopefully teachers and students will be able to share work to make all of our lives easier.

Things can get done quite slowly at PracticalStudent.com as only Eoin currently works on the website.  Anyone that feels they can contribute, whether they be a teacher or student, should feel free to contact Eoin at editor@practicalstudent.com.