Solidworks will be new to a lot of teachers and students, especially if they have no knowledge of 3D modeling or other CAD applications. Here I hope to provide a collection of useful Models. If anyone wants to add to the collection, e-mail me your files and I will upload them and give you full credit.

Latest Additions

Model of a 300mm Steel Ruler in Metalwork Tools section


Here are some exercises to be completed in Solidworks to become familiar with it and to improve speed and technique. Divided into 3 Categories, Easy, Medium, Difficult, these xercises should help you progress your skills. Difficuly levels take into account skills required and the time it takes to complete the model.




Very Difficult


Solids - a constantly growing collection of basic Solids, Prisms, Platonic Solids, etc.
Metalwork - models of the practicals and projects.
Technical Graphics - models of exam paper solutions.
Engineering - models of the practicals.
Technical Drawing - models of exam paper solutions.
Fasteners - models of various nuts, screws, washers, etc.
Electronics - various models of commonly used electronics.
Misc - various models created over time.
Metalwork Tools - models of tools from the metalwork room.