Engineering - Exam Papers - HL - Project - 2011

150 Marks

Design Brief

Historically, the harsh winter climate of the northern hemisphere created challenges in the cross-country transportation of people and their possessions. In the late 19th century this resulted in the invention of snowmobiles. Although originally developed as utility vehicles, advances in design and technology since then, have provided manufacturers with the scope to produce a full range of recreational, special purpose and competition versions of the snowmobile.

Design a model of a snowmobile to the general specifications outlined.

The model snowmobile should:
(a) Have the rear propulsion unit controlled by an ON/OFF switch;
(b) Incorporate front skis with a steering mechanism;
(c) Have seating capacity for the driver only.

Special Note: Toys or modified toys are not acceptable.

Presentation of the completed model should ensure that:
(a) All main operating features are clearly visible without dismantling.
(b) The longest dimension of the device does not exceed 300 mm.
(c) Electric power does not exceed 9 volts.