Metalwork - Electronics

Where we are today possibly has more to do with one thing, Electronics, than any other physical thing in the world. This time in human history is commonly referred to as the Information Age, but would this be possible without Electronics? The screen you are looking at now is full of them, as is your mouse, keyboard and computer system box. Your mobile phone, television, car, telephone and radio, to name but a few, all operate due to electronics. These small items that work on electricity control a huge amount of our daily lives; but what do we know about them ? Very little I'm guessing unless you have studied them before. Take some time to wander through your house and think about what you have that uses Electronics, you might be surprised as we tend to take them for granted !

Hang on a second .... what's the difference between Electronics and Electrics I hear you ask .... well, general consensus says that Electronics tend to use Direct Current, (DC), and Electrics use Alternating Current, (AC). There will be more about AC and DC at a later stage when the Electrics section is complete, but for now it is enought to know that they are different.

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