Metalwork - Exam Papers - OL - Paper - 2014

(a) Part ‘X’ is called the: Anvil
(b) This tool is a(n): Adjustable Spanner
Open Spanner
Combination Spanner
Ring Spanner
(c) The tip of a dot punch is
normally ground to an angle of:
30 degrees
60 degrees
120 degrees
180 degrees
(d) A tape rule can measure
to an accuracy of:
1 mm
0.1 mm
0.01 mm
10 mm
(e) This cutting tool is a: Split Die
Taper Tap
Plug Tap
(f) The picture shows a: Vice Clamp
Pin Vice
Sliding Jaw
Hand Vice
(g) This tool is a(n): Square Bit
Phillips Bit
Slotted Bit
Allen Bit
(h) This is a: Panning Hammer
Cross Pein Hammer
Ball Pein Hammer
Soft Hammer
(i) This fastener is a: Bolt
Wing Nut
Round Head Screw
Countersunk Screw
(j) This measuring tool is a: Radius Gauge
Drill Gauge
Screw Pitch Gauge
Wire Gauge
(k) This calipers shown is a(n): Vernier Calipers
Odd-Leg Calipers
Outside Calipers
Inside Calipers
(l) This tool is a: Tap Wrench
Stillson Wrench
Adjustable Wrench
Channel Wrench