Metalwork - Exam Papers - HL - Paper - 2000

100 Marks


1. Answer Question 1, Sections A and B and three other questions.
2. All answers must be written in ink on the answer book supplied. Diagrams should be drawn in pencil.
3. Squared paper is supplied for diagrams as required.
4. Please label and number carefully each question attempted.

(40 Marks)


Answer any five questions

(a) Describe briefly, the contribution made to technology by one of the following:
Isaac Singer,
Rudolph Diesel,
Michael Faraday.
(b) The diagram shows the main parts of a four-stroke engine. Name part A and explain its purpose.  
(c) The piston is moving upwards: describe what is happening during this stroke.
(d) What part necessary for ignotion is missing at B ?  
(e) Describe the function of part C and Part D.
(f) Explain the function of any two of the following :
Plug tap,
Allen key,
Drill gauge
(g) Identify and name any two of the five electronic components labelled in the circuit.


Answer any five questions

The drawing shows the elevations, plan and drive details of the 2000 Metalwork Higher Level Project - a Model Motorised Truck.
(a) Using the correct symbols, draw a circuit diagram for the drive system of the car. Label the diagram.
(b) In order for the drive to pass through part 1, a slot is removed. With the aid of a sketch, explain how the slot may be produced. Give at least three steps.
(c) Part 2 is manufactured from sheet metal.
(i) Sketch, showing bend lines, a development of part 2 (i.e. the shape before it is bent).
(ii) Explain how the 60° angle may be checked for accuracy.
(d) Mounting holes in part 3 and part 6 must be perfectly in line to insert the pop rivent. Briefly describe how you would ensure that these holes are correctly aligned.
(e) The rear axel is driven by a belt and pulley system.
(i) List one advantage of a belt drive.
(ii) Suggest another methos of drive.
(f) Sketch a suitable design for a safety cover for the motor and pulley (parts 9 & 11). Your design should show the method of attachment.
(20 Marks)
WARNING : Don't forget to return this section with your answer book (if question 2 is attempted) or otherwise marks will be lost.
(a) A simple model of the design process is shown. List any two important points which should be xonsidered at the "Test your design" stage.
(b) At the "Search for Information" stage, list three sources of information you might use.

(c) A simple design for CD storage is shown.
(i) With the aid of simple sketches and notes (On the squared paper overleaf), show two improvements to this design. Include any four dimensions.
(ii) Make a list of materials including sizes required to make your improved design.
(iii) Describe briefly, either Dip-coating or Galvanising.

On the squared section below, show how you would redesign the CD storage unit.
(20 Marks)
(a) (i) What type of drilled hole is shown at A and what is its purpose?
(ii) Explain in two steps how a hole like this is produced.
(iii) With the aid of a sketch, describe how a machine vice is attached to the table of a pillar or bench drilling machine.
(b) The diagram shows an M6 screwthread being cut.
(i) Name the tool B, and the hole C.
(ii) What size of hole is needed for the M6 screwthread?
(iii) Explain how the screwthread is completed.
(c) The surface cutting speed for an alloy is 45 m/min. Using the given formula find the correct drilling speed in rev / min for drilling a 5 mm diameter hole in the alloy. (Take π as 3)
N= (S x 1000) / (π x D)
(d) Describe with the aid of a sketch what is meant by the set of a hacksaw blade.
(20 Marks)
(a) Identify the furnace shown.
(b) What is the charge for this furnace?
(c) Explain how the furnace is charged.
(d) What is the function of part A?
(e) Name part B.
(f) Name the materials which are taken out of the furnace at:
(i) Chute C.
(ii) Chute D.
(g) List any two alloys and state the composition of each alloy you list. List a use for each of the chosen alloys.
(20 Marks)
A diagram of a small scooter for use in cities is shown. The rear wheel is driven by a small engine.
(a) Name suitable materials for the handle bars A, the tyre B, the platform C, and the fuel tank D. State one property of each of the materials which make it suitable for the scooter part.
(b) (i) If the driving gear has 12 teeth and the rear wheel driven gear has 120 teeth, what is the gear ratio involved ?
(ii) If the driving gear turns at 4500 rev/min, how fast does the rear wheel turn ?
(c) Screws are used to assemble the scooter. Name the dimensions at M and N, and the angle at P.
(d) State two reasons why you think that a small scooter may be useful in a city.
(20 Marks)
(a) The capacitor legs are to be soldered onto the printed circuit board in the position shown.
(i) List two important items of equipment required for soldering.
(ii) Describe two important steps in the soldering process.
(iii) Explain the meaning of:
(i) Active flux.
(ii) Passive flux.
(iv) Briefly describe the composition of solder.
(v) List three safety procedures observed when soldering.
(b) State two advantages of using adhesives as a method of joining.

Explain the meaning of two of the following :
Tensile strength,

(20 Marks)
(a) The diagram shows a Personal Computer (PC) system and ancillary devices.
(i) Name any four of the devices.
(ii) For the four devices named, state whether they are input or output.
(iii) Describe briefly the function of any three of the devices.
(b) Explain the meaning of any three of the following abbreviations:
(i) RAM.
(ii) ROM.
(iii) DOS.
(iv) CAM.
(c) List three advantages of Computer-Aided Design (CAD).
(d) Explain any two of the following terms :
(i) Test run.
(ii) Hard drive.
(iii) Canned cycle.
(iv) Program.