Metalwork - Interactive Quizes

Inventors 1

How many Inventors can you match with their Inventions or Discoveries?

Drag the Invention or discovery on the right to the space beside the Inventors name.

Robert Boyle
Thomas Newcomen
James Watt
Eli Whitney
Alessandro Volta
Henry Manudslay
Richard Trevithick
Humphry Davy
Karl von Sauerbronn
John Walker
James Neilson
Fr. Nicholas Callan
Michael Faraday
Samuel Colt
Charles Goodyear
Walter Hunt
Gas, Pressure and Volume relationship
Steam Engine
Steam Engine with seperate Condenser
Cotten Gin
Electric Battery
Screwcutting Lathe
Steam Locomotive
Miner's Safety Lamp
Preheating of air blast for Blast Furnace
Induction Coil
Electric Motor and Dynamo
Vulcanised Rubber
Safety Pin