Metalwork - Interactive Quizes

Inventors 2

How many Inventors can you match with their Inventions or Discoveries?

Drag the Invention or discovery on the right to the space beside the Inventors name.

William Kelly
Alexander Parkes
Henry Bessemer
William Siemens
Cyrus W. Field
Alexander Graham Bell
Thomas Edison
Nicholas Otto
Dugald Clerk
Marcus Daly
Charles A. Parsons
Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz
John B. Dunlop
Whitcomb Judson
Rudolf Diesel
Guiglielmo Marconi
Steel making by blowing air through Iron
Bessemer Process for Steel making
Open Hearth Furnace
Transatlantic Cable
Light Bulb
Four Stroke Engine
Two Stroke Engine
Mining and Smelting of Copper Ore
Steam Turbine
Motor Car Engine
Pneumatic Tyre
Zip Fastner
Diesel Engine