Technical Graphics - Exam Papers - OL - 1996

Section A -120 Marks

(a) Answer any twelve of the short answer questions in Section A (120 marks) using the spaces provided.
All question in Section A carry equal marks.

(b) Answer any four of the six questions in Section B (280 marks).
All questions in Section B carry equal marks.

(c) Examination Number must be distinctly marked in the space provided above and on each sheet of paper used.

(d) All construction lins must be clearly shown.

(e) All measurements are in millimetres.

(f) Hand up this answer book (Section A) at the end of the examination.

Section B - 280 Marks

(a) Any four questions to be answered.

(b) All questions carry equal marks.

(c) The number of the question must be distinctly marked by the side of each question.

(d) Work on one side of the paper only.

(e) Examination number must be distinctly marked on each sheet of paper used.