Technical Graphics - Visualisation Game

NOTE : This game works in up-to-date versions of Firefox, (V 6.0.1), Google Chrome, (V 13), Safari, (V 4) and Opera, (V 11). It does not work in IE 8.
(This is being investigated)

This game is a test of your ability to see the Orthographic Views of a set of blocks. Progress through the 30 problems here to advance to the next level.

  • Below on the left, you can see a number of Blocks joined together, this is your problem.
  • To the right of the Blocks is a single Block with an arrow pointing at it. This tells you what view to take.
  • The grid is where you show what you think the view you are asked for should look like. Just click on a square to change its colour. A red square means that you think it can be seen in the view. Click a square a second time to change it back to white.
  • If you make a right mess of the whole thing or want to start the problem again, click the Reset button. (Clicking the browsers refresh button will start the game from the begining ! You will lose all progress.)
  • When you are ready to check your answer, click the Check button.
  • When you get a problem right you will be allowed to move onto the next problem on this level by clicking the Next button.
  • At the very bottom you can see your progress. It will fill up with green squares as you progress.
  • All holes are through holes.
  • Start whenever you are ready and Have fun !

Level 1 - (3 x 3 Grid)