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This is an old sample paper I came across, over 20 years old in fact. It still seems like a decent project all the same. With lathework, threading, sheet metal folding, plastic cutting and bending it can be used to cover or re-visit quite a large number of processes

Drilling Acrylic is always tricky so take special care on these pieces.

Part 5, the Tray Divider, will be tricky to bend but would be a lot easier with former made beforehand.

The Felt Protector, (Part 1) should be bonded to the Wooded Base, (Part 2), with an adhesive.
The Bush, (Part 10) should be secured either by a tight fit or with adhesive to the Wooden Base, (Part 2).
You should use a special acrylic adhesive to bond the two pieces of Tray Edging, (Part 4), to the Tray, (Part 3).

Parts List

Part No. Part Name Required Material & Description
1 Protector 1 Felt
2 Base 1 Wood
3 Tray 1 Acrylic
4 Tray Edging 2 Acrylic
5 Tray Divider 1 Aluminium
6 Shelf 1 Acrylic
7 Rack 1 Acrylic
8 Knob 1 Brass / Aluminium
9 Spindle 1 Brass / Aluminium
10 Bush 1 Brass / Aluminium

Student Handout

Desk Tidy Handout

Zip Files

Download All : Solidworks Part, Solidworks Drawing, PDF of Drawing. 3D images.