Technical Graphics - The Basics - Line Segments

It is extremely important that you can draw correct and accurate lines in Technical Graphics, so this section covers the basics and a few exercises on drawing straight line segments.

We use the term line segments because in the Drawing community it is accepted that a line continues in both directions to infinity. However we only draw and see a part or section of the line so we call it a line segment. Normally people just refer to a line segment as a line which is quite acceptable but it is always good to know the correct terminology.
  • Keep your instruments very clean.
  • Always have a sharp point on your pencil.
  • Always keep your drawing paper clean and prevent any dirt getting on it.
  • Keep your T-Square tight against the side of the board when you are drawing lines.
  • Always draw lightly until you are sure that the drawing is complete and accurate.
  • Do not rub out construction lines, but do make them neat.
  • Do not make holes through your paper